Jumat, 16 November 2012

Love poem

Runaway Love
I still can't get over you, 
Your smile;your laugh. 
I'm defenseless just by looking at you, 
Your face;your eyes. 

I shouldn't have told anyone, 
What a huge mess it was; I'm filled with regrets, 
I guess I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, 
I just want to talk to you again; like old times. 

You are completely charmed by him. 
You like him but stayed silent. 
Those hurtful words impaled right through my heart, 
It felt like grabbing a bare electrical wire 

I pressed my fingers against the cold window 
Hoping you would be on the other side. 
Pretending not to love you was very hard, 
Without you, there wouldn't be a me 

I've searched countless of replacement, 
Trying to get you out of my life. 
But none could replace the feelings I had for you. 
No one could ever compare to you. 

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find that girl again.. 
I've tried convincing myself too many times, 
My chance had gone; my luck had fade away, 
You"re all I had. 

I need you to know that I love you 
I want you to know that I can't live without you 
Will I ever love again? 
I'm left with nothing ; I want to disappear.

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